The discourse of Sadhak Anshit – The Mystery of the Principle of Attraction


Your subconscious mind controls your digestive processes and the secretion of the glands, and also controls all other wonderful complex functions in your body; it all happens continuously, whether you are awake or asleep.

You will probably die very soon, these procedures are very complicated and have been severely intertwined, but your subconscious keeps it easy.

Worries, stress, fear and despair can all obstruct the normal functioning of the heart, lungs, stomach and intestines.

Talk to your subconscious mind, tell it to establish peace, reconciliation and divine laws, by doing this, you will find that the whole system of your body has become normal again.

You can do your work with your subconscious mind, you can not see its silent process; your lap always falls with the conscious mind instead of your subconscious mind while all important tasks are made by the subconscious mind.

Keep in mind your conscious mind, control its thoughts and know in your heart that your subconscious mind is giving results, conveying and making the circumstances according to your own habitual thoughts.

Claim that the healing power of your subconscious is flowing in the form of harmony, health, peace, happiness and abundance within you.

You will receive the same response in its subconscious mind, because it gives the same reaction as you fill it with the conscious mind.

Great teachers from the ages have given special emphasis on the importance of our brain and thinking power. Buddha has said, “The brain is everything, just as you would think, you will become like that”. The great Indian mystic, Ram Krishna Paramhansa has said: “Man is bound only by the mind and is free from the mind”. According to William James, the greatest discovery of our generation is that man can change his life by altering the mind of the brain. Similarly, you can control your destiny by controlling your thoughts.

It is even more painful to know how much effort people take to avoid thoughts. Thomas Edison said, “Only a few people think that most of them think they think, but most people on this earth do not even think about thinking about it.”

The law of attraction is the natural law of the universe. According to this, “Like Attacks Like” means when you focus on a particular idea, then you start to attract other similar ideas to yourself. Ideas have magnetic power and they work on their specific frequency (frequencies). Therefore, they attract all other similar ideas working on that frequencies and start to affect you all. You are the most powerful transmission tower of the universe. It depends on you what message you give to destiny and what you want to achieve.

Whatever you are considering, it is like planning your future events. When you are praising someone, then you are planning too. When you are worried about a particular subject, you are still planning. Worry makes something done with your imagination as you would never want to be in your life. In this way every thought is an invitation to the world order or universe, and nothing can happen in your life without invitation from your thinking power. And, believe, the rule of powerful attraction is no exception.

• If you always think about your debt, you are definitely attracting more debt.

• If you are worried about the anxiety of getting older, you will start experiencing the effects of old age.

Looking at the examples given above, keep in mind how your thoughts are. Words do not matter, they are gauds. Whatever you are doing in your brain, you are just attracting them, that is, thoughts which you are thinking and what you are doing.

You are responsible for every event that happens in your life. At some level – conscious or unconscious, you have attracted every moment of every man, every thought, every disease, every joy and pain in his life. Whatever you think and whatever you experience it happens without any exception in your life. This happens even if you do not want it.

Separation of life!

To better control your life, try to divide your routine into departments. The best way to do it is to separate your home life, school life, personal life, and family life. Keep in mind not to mess with your priorities.

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