The voice of the Sadhak Anshit – The Secret of the Third Eye


Spiritual Guru


The third eye has a special significance in our Hindu culture, it tells about many mysteries. 

The third eye is often portrayed in the pictures of Goddesses, but what exactly is the picture of the third eye, as we look at it, we find that it is not exactly the same, but with the normal eyes, If it were, it is also in humans, but the waking person is in anybody.

It needs to be opened or awakened, after that it sees what millions of telescopes can not even see.

First, there are two things to understand. One, the energy of the third eye is the same energy which drives two normal eyes. The energy is the same, only he starts moving towards the new center in the new direction. The third eye is; But it’s inactive. And as long as the normal eyes do not stop seeing, the third eye can not become active, can not see. When energy stops burning in normal eyes, then it starts flowing in the third eye.

And when energy flows in the third eye, normal eyes stop seeing.Then while we live in them, we do not see anything by them. The energy which flows through it moves away from there and moves on to a new center. This center is located between two eyes. The third eye is absolutely ready; He can be active at any moment. But it requires energy to be active. And the energy of normal eyes will be brought here.

Secondly, when we look with normal eyes then we really look at the physical body. The third eye is not part of the gross body; This is part of the other body, which is called the subtle body. Within the gross body is the same astral body as it is; But it is not part of the gross body. This is why physiology is not willing to believe that there is a third eye or something like that.

When energy is moving in the gross body then we can see with our gross eyes. This is the reason why we can see the gross only with the macro eyes; Can not see anything else Normal eyes are physical. With these eyes we can not see him who is unskilled. As the third eye becomes active, we enter a new dimension. Now we can see things which are not visible to the macro eyes. But they are visible to the subtle eyes. If the third eye is active, if we look at any person we will peep into his soul. It is as if a gross body will be seen with macro eyes, but the soul will not be seen. What we see on the third eye, will not be the body; It will be what resides within the body.

These two things have to be remembered. First, the same energy moves in both places; it can be removed from the normal macro eyes and moving in the third eye only. Secondly, the third eye is not part of the gross body. It is a part of the astral body, which is also called the second body. Because the third eye is part of the astral body, so the moment we see it, we see the subtle universe. If a phantom is also sitting near here, then we will not see it. But if our third eye starts working, then we will see the phantom. Because the astral existence can be seen only with the subtle eyes.

Awakening of the third eye

If our two eyes remain absolutely fixed, they become stable, become stable like a stone, then the flow of energy within them also stays. Energy is flowing, so there is speed in the eyes. Vibration or speed is due to energy. If the energy does not accelerate then our eyes will be like eyes of the dead-stones and dead. By stabilizing the eyesight at a place, without seeing it around, gaze at it creates a stagnation. The energy which was moving in both eyes will suddenly stop motion.But moving is the nature of energy; Energy can not be stagnant Eyes can be stagnant, but not energy. Therefore, when the energy is deprived of these two eyes, when the eyes of the eyes are shut for them suddenly. When the speed of energy becomes impossible by them, then the energy starts to find new routes according to their nature. And the third eye is nearby, between two recruits, half an inch is in. That is the closest point for that energy.

So when the energy is free from both eyes, the first thing is that it starts flowing from the third eye. It is as if the water flows and you close one of its holes, it will find the nearest second hole immediately. The nearest holes and which will create minimal resistance, will find the water. The hole gets its own, it does not have to do anything for it. As soon as these two eyes stop the flow of energy, then the energy will find its way and it will start to flow from the third eye.

Then we start seeing things that we never saw; Feeling such things that they never felt. And then we would experience such aromas that had never known in life. Then a new folk, a subtle folk becomes active. This new guy is still there.There is also the third eye, the subtle people are also both; But they are invisible. Once we are active in that dimension, we will start to see many things. If the third eye is active and someone is going to die then we will know that it is going to go. Death has its own effect. If someone is going to die then think that death has already put his shadow on him. And with this third eye this shadow can be realized, can be seen. When a child is born, those who have a deeper practice of the use of the third eye can also know the time of his death. But at that time the shadow of death is very subtle. But, six months before someone’s death, the person can also say that this person is about to die, whose third eye has become active even a little. When the third eye opens, we see the halo of the people. Now no man can deceive us; Because if his story does not match his halo, then he has spoken the story.

In ancient times the halo was used in the initiation of the disciple. The halo of wanting to become a disciple can be known by seeing whether he is ready or not. That is why in the earlier times, the disciple had to wait years. Discipleship is dependent on your halo but not on your wish. It’s useless here. Sometimes the disciple had to wait for many lives.

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