Municipal school principals are grappling with ways to help their students. The Yoga Institute has been a pioneer in yoga educations for many decades. It addresses a host of mental health challenges and many conditions linked to anxiety and stress. Long term solution is to train students in yoga techniques which help them to achieve balance.

Yoga meditation can help tackle many of the problems faced by students. Yoga is a way of life that helps students by way of self-awareness, self-reliance and self-regulation. Meditation creates healthy brainwave pattern or the Alpha state that encourages healing.

A sharp mind without growth causes tension, stiffness, anger and annoyance. An expanded consciousness without sharpness leads to lack of progress and in-action. Yoga helps to balance a sharp mind and an expanded consciousness thereby bringing in perfection.

Meditation makes you aware of your inner outlook and attitude which, determines students happiness and helps them in their academic performance. Some of the fundamental benefits of mediations are

Academic stress is reduced

  “I used to feel fatigue about halfway through the day. Now, I meditate in the library for ten minutes and feel even better. “I feel so fresh like I have gotten eight hours of sleep,” says BMC School 7th grade student from Gandhi Gram School, Juhu, Mumbai.

Students who practice meditation every day reported better grades and lower levels of stress. They also have better were more alert; concentration was better and could show improved resistance to the physical effects of stress especially during exams.

Increase in IQ levels

Everyone is an Einstein deep within. Students are practising meditation benefit from surges in brain function across the board. The dramatic increase was observed when measured in students during the ability to reason in handling novel situations, called “fluid intelligence.” Also, creative thinking, practical intelligence, and IQ levels are  benefited.

Enriched academic achievement

In one study meditating students show considerably improved in academic performance 51% of students allocated to the meditation group benefitted and showed improvement in both Math and Linguistic marks.

Enhanced focus, reduction in depression, anxiety & ADHD

School students benefited from regular Guided meditation classes. A research report with BMC schools showed reductions in anxiety, stress and Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) seen in students of ninth grade. Meditation triggered a positive chain reaction and improved brain function and the ability to focus better.

Regulating emotions and behaviour

Daily meditating helped university students in regulating emotions and behaviour better. Harmonious brain functions lead to better cognitive and intellectual performance.

A decline in destructive addiction (overeating, smoking, alcohol)

Reigning in potentially addictive behaviour is a major key to achievement. Studies looking at both students and adults find that daily Guided Meditation practice significantly reduces both substance abuse and antisocial behaviour problems. In many cases, Guided Meditation has been shown to be three times more effective compared to traditional drug prevention and education programmes. These results hold true for various kinds of addictive substances, alcohol, cigarettes, prescription medications, and even help emotional food eaters.

Sick leaves reduced

Students who meditate experience improved immune system and less stress. As a result; lower levels of behaviour and anti-social episodes at school, and a lesser number of suspensions. Sick leaves reduced.

Improved cardiovascular function

Regular meditation practice helped students to reduce blood pressure, anxiety symptoms and depression. One study showed, students formerly at-risk of hypertension witnessed a significant change in blood pressure after a few months of meditating.

Happier & more confident students

Students who meditate daily scored well on affectivity, memory, self-esteem, and emotional competence.

“Don’t Hate Meditate!”  So improve your daily routine and Check out how can yoga help you focus better with our latest offering the 7 Days Camp. It is ideal for anyone who wants to live a yoga way of life and experience peace within. It helps you to incorporate Yogic ideals in every field of daily life. The programme covers Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, Yogic concepts, diet, games, recreation, attitude training, relaxation and meditation. 

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