As a yoga teacher sadhak anshit inspired me in the art of teaching and the desire to convey knowledge more than any other teacher in my life so thank you for that Sadhak Anshit and i know you will continue to do the same in your unique way to others.

-Charu Agrawal



I have had the great pleasure of attending many of Sadhak Anshit’s workshops, a retreat and several Yoga and Pranayama courses over the last year. It is a joy to study Ashtang yoga with him and his knowledge, passion and love of yoga is ever present in his teaching. One always leaves his class the richer in knowledge and awareness. Sadhak Anshit constantly reminds me as student that there is such depth and breath within yoga, and he is an outstanding teacher and guide helping all to explore the gift of yoga.

-Rishi Gupta

passport_Dr. M. Anbarasu

I have Participated in both Motivational Workshops & Yoga Classes taught by Sadhak Anshit Since 2015. He is a highly Skilled, Perceptive & Empathetic Yoga teacher, a fine person with a wonderful sense of humour!

-Ruchin Jha


Sadhak Anshit is the best teacher I’ve ever had for anything. I started yoga with Sadhak Anshit in 2016 and was hooked after the first class. More than Two years have passed and I’ve hardly missed a class. Not only Sadhak Anshit is fantastic practitioners, He is excellent teacher, instilling a love of yoga in their students with their skill, passion and compassion. Yoga has changed my life for the better

-Vaibhav Jain

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