Any form of physical exercise is good for maintaining the health in perfect shape and protecting it from the risk of developing diseases but going natural is even better. The indigenous science of yoga is an effective alternative to rigorous workouts for health and well-being.

The yoga asana, Padahastasana (Hand under Foot pose) works wonders for the body and mind. This yoga posture, essentially a forward fold with hands resting under the feet is marvelous for the physical organs such as hamstrings, hips, and mental disposition. The hand-under-foot pose is equally rewarding for the spiritual health as it unlocks the energy chakras.

Depending upon the level of your practice, perform the padahastasana and its variations.

Given below are the steps to performing the Hand under foot pose:

1. Stand erect on a yoga mat with a feet hip-distance apart.

2. Exhale, fold forward at the hips keeping the back straight.

3. Reach down with the hands and slide the fingers under the feet.

4. Resting the palms under the feet, lift the head, lengthen the spine, and look forward.

5. Breathe out, bend forward with the chest on the thighs.

6. Hold this pose for 5-6 relaxed breaths.

Precautions for Safe Practice

Avoid the pose in scenarios if you suffer from severe back problems and spinal disorders. If you do then do not fold the stomach completely.

Also, do not practice the pose if you have high blood pressure.

It is advisable to master the standing forward fold bend pose (Uttanasana) before attempting this pose.

Beginner’s Tip

Keep the knees bent and slide the palms under the feet with toes touching the wrists. Slowly, begin to straighten the legs as much as possible by lifting the hamstrings and hips.


People facing difficulty in keeping the hands under the foot can place it on the backside of the ankles.

Individuals can hold the elbows behind the legs.

Now, have a look at the seven benefits of Padahastasana

1. Amplifies Flexibility: The Padahastasana is an effortless synonym of Flexibility. The pose engages the thighs and lower back muscles that are tight and are vulnerable to strain. There’s no better way than hand-under-foot pose to loosen up these tight areas and to increase flexibility in a safe manner.

2. Stimulates the Glands: The role of the thyroid, endocrine, pituitary glands cannot be undermined in fostering health and well-being. These glands balance out the hormones, affect the functioning of the various organs and enhance the mood and physical fitness. The forward fold action of Padahastasana potently stimulates the functioning of the pineal and adrenal glands ensuring complete wellness.

3. Unleashes Creativity: The yoga pose activates the energy zones (Chakras) that rest at the spine in the subtle body. The hand-under-foot pose stimulates the sacral chakra located at the sacrum governing the creativity, relationships, and intimacy. The squeezing fold of padahastasana unlocks the sacral chakra and improves associated energies.

4. Removes Tamas: The energetic benefit of Hand under foot pose powerfully reduces tamas from the body. Tamas is the attribute of laziness, heaviness, dullness, etc. A Tamasic mind is depressed and unmotivated. The padahastasana removes inertia and help practitioners feel energized and light. The pose slows down the heartbeat, thus providing relief from physical and mental exhaustion.

5. Harmonizes Vata: From Ayurvedic perspective, the practice of Padahastasana harmonizes the Vata dosha in the body. The aggravated Vata balance leads to constipation, dehydration, dizziness, anxiousness, etc. The hand under foot pose is believed to balance the Vata dosha, which speeds up the digestion and increases airy energy in the body.

6. Stretches the Wrists: As the name suggests, the palms are placed under the feet that stretch the wrists. The pose exerts minimum pressure on the wrists and helps with wrist irritation and injury. Strong wrists facilitate easy movements and firm grip.

7. Exists in Union: The alignment of the pose is thought to balance one’s lower and higher self. The pose also effectively finds a union between nature and the spirit. Existing in harmony is the ultimate aim of the science of yoga.

Padahastasana is the technique of making the body healthy and the mind calm.

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