Definition – What does Supta Konasana mean?

Supta Konasana is an inverted restorative asana that is part of the primary series in Ashtanga yoga and is considered a variation of halasana. The name is derived from the Sanskrit, supta, meaning “sleeping” or “reclined,” and kona, meaning “angle.”

To enter the pose, begin sitting in dandasana. Engaging the core mindfully, roll the spine back onto the mat one vertebra at a time until fully reclined. Keeping the arms extended along the torso with the palms pressing into the mat, draw the knees up and roll the feet up and over until they touch the ground behind the head. Part the feet and take hold of each big toe with the corresponding hand. For a deeper expression of the pose, let go of the toes and clasp the hands behind the back. Extend the sit bones toward the sky. Keep the drishti (gaze) upward and the neck straight.

Supta konasana may also be referred to as sleeping angle pose in English.


Neck muscles and ligaments are stretched along with muscles in the shoulders and legs. One of the benefits of this posture is the gathering of the water element around the neck. It is apparently good for the thyroid one of the larger endocrine glands.

Improves concentration

Massages the thyroid gland

Strengthens the back and abdominal muscles

Stretches the spine, legs and arms


Notice a slight curve along the spine. This distributes the stretch along the spine rather than concentrating it on one part. Quite often these days ,in the quest for Tadasana fundamentals in postures, the spine is straightened as much as possible. This causes tremendous strain in the neck. It restricts air and blood flow in the neck. Allow a slight bend to occur in Halasana and in this yoga posture it is more effective and therapeutic.To ease pressure on the spine, place a folded blanket under the shoulders and neck. For a modified version, place the feet against a wall or use yoga blocks to support the feet.

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