How To Do Supta Bhairavasana And Its Benifits

Supta Bhairavasana is An Advanced Yoga Pose that Provides an intense leg and hip stretch.

In English, this Asana is called Reclining Formidable Pose.

How To Do Supta Bhairavasana

Beginning in Dandasana (seated with both legs straight), one leg is lifted and weaves under the arm on the same side, then around the back of the neck. The hands take prayer position at the center of the chest. For the full expression of the pose, the body reclines and the drishti is toward the sky.

Physical Benifits

Supta Bhairavasana calms the mind and eases fatigue and stress. The name of this asana comes from the Sanskrit, supta, meaning “reclined”; bhairava, meaning “formidable,” “frightful” or “horrible”; and asana, which means “posture” or “pose.” Bhairava is also a manifestation of the Hindu god, Shiva.

Spiritual Benifits

In addition to its physical benefits, supta bhairavasana is believed to activate the muladhara (root) and ajna (third eye) chakras. Muladhara is associated with grounding, a sense of security and emotional stability; while ajna is associated with intuition and inner knowledge.

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