Eyes suffer due to high levels of pollution and constant exposure to screens (TV, mobile, etc.) Due to the overuse of our eyes, our nervous system is constantly in a fatigued state.

Eyes are the most sensitive and important organs of the body. They perceive and pass messages to the brain, which is in close vicinity. It is equally important to take care of it and work actively towards its betterment. Many of us fail to pamper our eyes and at max, we wash it twice a day with cold water. But that is not sufficient; we need to create a routine that has a definitive lasting positive impact.

Problems like high myopia, retinal detachment, conjunctivitis and age-related issues like cataract, diabetic retinopathy can be avoided or delayed to a great extent when you bring Yoga into your practice. There are a few steps which when followed with full dedication, can keep you away from the majority of eyesight issues.

Eye movement exercises are the best and it takes 10 min of your day, that’s it! Let’s go through the processes that will make your eyes healthier.

Move your eyeballs to your right (dakshin jatru trataka), then to your left (vaman jatru tratak), move it up and then down. Roll in all four directions. Then move your eyeballs in the top center (brush madhya trataka) and then to the down center (nasika gruh trataka). You can also move your eyeballs in diagonal directions. Make sure all the movements are very gentle without any jerks and do not strain your eye at any point. This simple 2 min exercise will do wonders and it will stay with you forever.

Another way to take care of your eyes is to do candle gazing, sun gazing or moon gazing. You can always start with once a week and then slowly increase the number of days.

All the mentioned kriyas will help you cleanse the eyes creating a soothing effect on optic nerves which will eventually save you from all kind of strain on the eyes.

Every kind of asana improves blood circulation in the optic region and helps in taking care of the eyes. The only caution is if a person is suffering from high myopia or glaucoma they should not perform asanas that create pressure on the optic nerves like inversion asana or forward bending asana.

So from now on when you plan your day for a good hair spa or a facial, do not forget to pamper your eyes with kriyas and asanas and plan a healthier tomorrow for you.

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