Yoga Professional Training Programme

Sadhak Anshit Yoga Classes Presents….

Yoga Professional Training Programme (YPTP):

A Unique and Exclusive Programme Designed by Sadhak Anshit Which Will give a Professional touch to Stand in the field of Yoga in Which You are Trained like; How to Earn Better Being a Professional Yoga Expert.
You learn to use Knowledge, Skills, Technicalities, Business Strategy, Marketing, Social Media etc.

You may have done many Yoga Degrees, Diploma etc. but the question is:

•Do you have a degree diploma etc. but still not confident?
•Do you have distance education yoga certificate?
•Are you talented but struggling to earn better?
•Are you a yoga teacher but not fit to train others?
•Do you hesitate to give yoga classes being a yoga teacher?
•How to be effective yoga pro?
•How to market yourself as yoga pro?
•How to open my own yoga studio?
•How to become famous? Etc.

If you have any of above or more questions in your mind then it is definitely for You……

Highlights of the program:

•You will earn, what you spend here
•Regular practical training
•More Practical and less theory
•Learn to earn
•Yoga Professional Ethics
•Teaching methodology (Each group)
•How to convince and influence?
•Network & Marketing strategy and skills
•How to use gadgets & essential applications
•Result oriented techniques
•Healing techniques
•How to become/ create a brand
•Handling Legal hurdles Etc.
•How to deal and train corporate
•You will get two certificates in one course
•How to deal and train corporate


Any Yoga Teacher with any Yoga Certificate/ Diploma/ Degree etc.


50 Hours
27 days

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