Indian wisdom is deeply aware that nature/ सृष्टीमाता, has a mind and a spirit of her own. Nature always helps us to remain in the embrace of unity. Universe does not know the separation. Purusha and Prakriti are always one. She certainly knows how to calm our turbulent minds when we trust ourselves into her embrace.

Practicing yoga outdoor is a good idea and feels relaxing. Since our bodies are made of the panchmahabhutas the rudimentary elements of nature itself. There is always great healing when practicing in natural elements.  Yoga in the open nature, in the mountain region or by the sea brings our clay bodies to its native realm. We learn to let go and recover our deeper rhythm.


The open space lures our souls toward the widening our horizons and broadening our perspectives.

Yoga by the water falls or on the banks of the river claiming neither shape nor place invites us to become nomads. Zen like presence of the rocks and stillness of the brooks inviting us to get immune to all desires.

“Nisarga lives in the womb of the Ishwara, pulsing as one heartbeat.”


This oneness of Nisarga and Ishwara invites us to forget out tight schedule, chores and uncertainties fall away and we begin to realise the magnificence of being here and now.

The open space introduces us to the unknown mystery of cosmic temple-church-masjid-Gurudwara.  Spend one yoga hour in the nature and get everything free: music by the birds, cool breeze and soothing music by the waves at the sea, free oxygen, and many more surprises which nature bestows on us. We become the recipients of the sense of the appropriateness of approach to the unknown, which the sages were well versed with.


Nature is always anchored in unified prayer; hence, we with our open heart and mind experience the peace in the open space.  Open space helps us save the electricity, and greenhouse emissions, thus helping us live and let others live with minimum and not to fall victim of hoarding the things at the cost of other’s death.

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