We are unable to separate materialism and spiritualism in our lives. Try to live in this material world yet not get affected by it either positively or negatively. We shall be able to progress spiritually if we can lead our lives ourselves instead of being led by other things or people. It is our duty to live your life independently and be self-reliant at all times.

Spiritual Balance

Mentally, we should make our mind strong and sharp, improve our power of tolerance to such a level that we do not get disturbed by anything or anyone, that we can see things as they are and be neutral to it. It is normal to be happy in good times and sad in sad times. We should make an effort to manage our mind in every situation and not the other way around.


Spiritual balance is an internal thing. Make contact with your own-self and make these attempts repeatedly. Sit quietly, watch your breath, make an effort to be thoughtless by doing these things, gradually practising over a period of time, our mind will become strong, balanced and peaceful. Perform all your duties in such a state and progress is bound to happen.

Let’s internalize our learning’s by maintaining a balanced state of mind at all times. Few quick yogic tips for balanced life-

Consciously Cultivate Balance

Mind and body are related. Develop positive thinking. Write ten positive things every day before you go to bed. We consciously respond to happiness, well-being and balance. These will help create a balance in life by appreciating positive things about life every day.


Eat a balanced diet

Balance diet with ample of fresh fruit, seasonal vegetables, whole grains, milk, dried nuts, honey etc. should be consumed every day. Cook and eat with love and awareness. Chew your food well. Include 12 glasses of liquid every single day. Eat home-cooked meals. Avoid processed foods, sugary confectioneries and nerve stimulants like excess tea, coffee, chocolates etc. Sattvic diet naturally helps in bringing about harmony and better living.



Engage in exercise every day

Yoga is a gentle way of leading a happy and balanced life. Yoga asanas, meditation and pranayamas ensure balance and harmony between mind, body and soul. Physical exercise facilitates biological changes and increases the brain’s ability to learn, absorb and perform other thinking tasks better.  Exercises can help reverse the detrimental effects of anxiety, stress and depression. Walking everyday morning and evening for 20 minutes. Walking is the best and gentle exercise.

Quality Rest and Sleep

Do not boast about how very little sleep you get. It is not a good thing since inadequate sleep over time disrupts the body systems and innate balance. Lack of sleep will weaken the immune system and ultimately leads to weight gain, depression, anxiety, nervousness and speeds up the ageing process. Techniques like Shavasana, Yogendra Pranayama IV, ensures restful quality sleep. A well-rested body responds better and in a balanced way to any stressful situations in life.

Sadhak Anshit


Detox emotionally every day

Learn to let go of past failures, frustrations, toxic anger, hurt, disappointments etc. Let go of the past. It is no longer relevant. Create space in heart for happy and loving moments.

Cultivate loving and happy relationships

Surround yourself with positive and happy people. Life goes on no matter how big problems you have in life. Learn to have a hearty laugh every day.

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