Anapanasati Meditation described by Sadhak Anshit


In Pali language,

‘An’ means breathing

‘Apan’ means breathing.

‘Sati’ means ‘to be together’

Gautam Buddha taught this method of meditation thousands of years ago. We breathe all of us, but we are not conscious of this action. In ‘Anapanasati’, a person needs to keep his complete focus and awareness on his normal respiratory process. It is necessary that we keep our eye on consciousness consciously, the operation of breath should be moving naturally. Do not stop breathing in any form, nor do it keep on sticking. We do not have to try to bring any kind of change in its speed on our part. When the mind starts running around, it should immediately stop the thoughts and bring the meditation on the normal rhythm of breath. Leaving yourself loosened should become an observer only.

While practicing Anapanasati, we can do two things together: to observe your breath and to do the other thing – to let your consciousness expand … to increase awareness. Being conscious of breath means not to let thoughts control the mind. These thoughts only drag our energy and scatter them. That is why the cycle of thoughts should be stopped with birth. Observation of breath means that we should not look at any of our physical senses or thoughts in our form by affecting the rhythm of our breath, only look at it.

Sadhak Anshit explain that when the energy of the soul is expended by our troubled and eternal thoughts, then our physical body becomes weak. In such a situation, there are various types of external attacks. In effect, a person gets many diseases, old age comes and soon he becomes a victim of death. Those who do not refine their mind, their mind remains unsteady. Just as a farm, which is not prepared for agriculture, is filled with rubbish, in the same way an autocratic mind is filled with unwanted ideas. So in the beginning, meditation means making the mind calm and unstable. Soon a deep resting stage is achieved. When the mind becomes empty with thoughts then huge amount of global energy starts filling in the body. As we go into meditation, new intense experience, The new scenes make us and we reunite with world-consciousness. We reach a world full of surprises which are waiting for us. The more effort you make, the easier it becomes to get awareness.

To become Anapanasati meditator, there is no need to go to any ashram. Neither does he have to go to a holy place or sacrifice his responsibilities. We can live our normal life and can see how the power of meditation makes us better in every field. At the beginning it would be good to be meditated in the presence of senior masters. Their energy level is high and energy flows from them towards those whose energy level is low. Once we understand the way and expect no master or master attendance. Then we can practice it anytime, anywhere, with our will. It also has no unpleasant side effects. We can also evaluate our progress by sharing our experiences with senior mediapersons. It is art, then the benefits on the old deliver to everyone.

This meditation is a great gift that can give your life to your own efforts. ‘Spiritual health’ is a very important and integral part of our total health, which every person needs. Anapasansati meditation meets this requirement. Thus, if ‘spiritual health’ is rooted then ‘physical health’ is its fruit. By meditation, one can understand the true reason behind his physical ailments.

According to the instructions of the participants, keep awake with breath, will become the center of awareness within you … Then your body will become the universe.

Sadhak Anshit Ji’s discourse Youtube

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