The divine voice of Sadhak Anshit – “Meditation is a Mystery


Sadhak Anshit


Focus or attention animate a process of mind, in which individual consciousness is focused on the scope or Sthlvisesh selected any external world. This English is prevalent in the alternative form of “Attention”. With the use of transitive verbs such as “give”, “delete”, “keep” etc. in Hindi proves the inevitability of personal effort in it. By meditation, we bring on the mental level, including the clarity and tone of the topic chosen.

There is a big difference in this general meditation by yogic attention . The first is driven by the power of long-term practice to the spiritual goal, while the other aims to be physical and ordinary daily power is used only for this purpose Sadhak Anshit etc. Some Indian scholars as well as an extreme development phase of normal mind Yogsammt attention.

Dhyaan ( Sanskrit ) or zan ( lal ) means the same in Indian religions, which is called ‘meditation’ in English.

Meditation is a verb where a person tries to bring his mind into a particular state of consciousness. The purpose of meditation can be to get any benefit or meditation can be a goal in itself. From ‘meditation’ many types of actions are realized. In this, from the simple technique of giving mentality to the mind, the creation of internal energy or life force (of, life, etc.) and the development of compassion, love, patience, generosity, forgiveness etc. are all included.

There are different meanings of ‘meditation’ in different references. Meditation has been used in various religious ceremonies.

Meditation in the yogasutra of Maharishi Patanjali is also a stepping stone.

Converting the mind into one object is called meditation. In ancient times, the sage Muni used to meditate on God. In meditation, the meditator forgets the surrounding environment and himself. Meditation develops spiritual and mental powers. The object that is formed in the form of a picture should be applied in such a way that even if it has an external effect, it can not move away from it, it is called meditation .
It has been found that there are many medical and psychological benefits in meditation.

Better health

An increase in the body’s immune system
Reducing blood pressure
stress reduction
Lack of memory loss (increase in memory power)
Decrease in aging
increase productivity

When the mind is calm, productive strength increases; This is especially applicable in creative works, writing etc.

Realization of enlightenment

Carefully help us understand the purpose of our life. Likewise, the right knowledge of the purpose and significance of any work can be attained.

Small things do not bother

This nature of the mind (habit) is that it changes the small meaningless things into serious problems. By meditation, we increase the understanding of meaningless things; Let them worry; Always get used to seeing a big picture.

Relieve anxiety
According to the scientists, it is destroyed by 39 percent of the anxiety and increases the functioning of the brain. It is mentioned in Buddhism already.

Sadhak Anshit Ji’s discourse Youtube

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