The Untold Story of A Sadhak Anshit

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Sadhak Anshit



Sadhak Anshit (Born 15 August 1986) is an Indian Sadhak, mystic, poet. He founded the Student and Youth welfare Association, a not for profit organization which offers Meditation programs around the India and his Literary works Inner Engineering, Ancient Meditation techniques, Law of Attractions

He was born in the year 1986… at Kanpur ( uttar Pradesh) to Arun pratap Singh and Asha singh. His earlier schooling was in city of Kanpur. College studies were completed in the city of Kanpur(Uttar Pradesh).

His sole mission of creating intense awareness amongst all individuals … about the science of meditation … and its primary role in providing physical, mental and intellectual health and well-being to all.

Sadhak Anshit is a dynamic personality and known world wide as a meditation learner and teacher…he is sharing his experiences with youth of India. people from all walk of life are visiting him for their different problems. sadhak anshit message to all humanity is  – “human has a lot potential just this potentiality has to be realized with in….a man can do anything and meditation is the key.” 

His father was also a mediator. Since childhood Sadhak Anshit were unselfish nature lovers and they had very close relationship with nature. From time to time, in spite of seeing their natural breath, they used to go in deep meditation, from which they have made other subjects and objects better than the other, Understood clearly and well. He had a good understanding of good and bad from childhood. In the Young age he was elected from Kanpur University by winning the election of student wing and by staying in the middle of the youth, he guided him from time to time, as a good guide and guide, and by staying in the middle of youth, After giving a slogan, he carried out extensive campaign and work on the de-addiction and he worked from time to time to prevent the youth from going ahead with addiction.
At the age of 24, he met Yog guru Rishi Ji, after which he started the hard work of yoga and meditation, and gradually he experienced many spiritual experiences and his spiritual journey took a new dimension, Founded as a seeker and spiritual master.

He got a Masters degree from the University of Kanpur, along with a degree of physical education as well as a degree of physical education Programme . And he practiced strictly by adopting the ancient meditation method Vipassana and in this sadhana he examined himself, as a result, he could give his life a new direction.

Unknowingly, at the age of twenty-five years, he had an intense self-realization, he had a deep self-realization, which changed the direction of his life. In an ashram of Dehradun he was sitting in meditation while his mind reached the state of thoughtlessness and suddenly, at the same time, he was experienced beyond body. He felt that he was not in his body and he started experiencing another body, gradually, with time, he went on doing his meditation deeper, which made him many other divine temporal and supernatural experiences. Then he resolved to give up these experiences and these meditation methods to every single person of the whole universe, who have been wandering from his true path and engaged in other topics, he says that the sensation of the bliss of the ecstasy Every person should be a person who is suffering from work, anger, greed, attachment, delusion and laziness in the physical world.

He also created the Student and Youth Welfare Association organization even though he had kept the youth in his mind, but along with the time, he worked with the task of awakening this young class suffering from drug de-addiction in his organization, along with poor children. They also went to slum huts for education and also run single-school programs and also helped many promising poor children. By connecting the place with Shiva Yog Sansthan, in many provinces of this country, many programs of Yoga and Meditation have been performed and have been done continuously and by connecting the All human- being’s with their ancient civilization to spread them on the path of truth and religion. Even doing the work from time to time and doing it in the present time also.

He started the Shiva Yoga Center with only this far-reaching thinking that every person coming to this yoga center can know about his inner strength and through yoga and meditation, he has to find a way out of the mean path The path that would be accomplished, was ever difficult and impossible for him. This powerful place designed for the journey of internal development is devoted to reaching the four main paths of yoga – knowledge, karma, action and devotion to the people.

Sadhak Anshit Youtube Channel

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